heartofasiaonline.com Multisite Expansion

Programmer: Kevin A. McManus
Project commissioner: Fred Wahl
March 2008

Table of Contents

  1. Objectives
  2. Phases of work and completion status
  3. Changelog


The objective of this project is to make one codebase (current heartofasiaonline.com ("H2") codebase) and one database (current H2 database) and allow them to operate multiple websites ("clones") based upon the same concept as H2. The differences between clones will be content and user membership. The main focus will be to have a clone "own" rows in the database (Phase 1) and have the codebase recognize this ownership (Phase 2).

Successful demonstration of this objective is: (1) A working codebase and database that will easily expand to other clones with the minimal amount of work (content changes only) and (2) The implementation of the first clone site africanprincess.com ("AP").

Phases of work and completion status

  1. Database changes Status: Completed 03-05-2008
    1. Remove old unused tables Status: Completed 03-05-2008

    2. Add the site_id field to all other applicable tables Status: Completed 03-05-2008

    3. Move the database Status: Not started

  2. Code changes Status: In progress
    1. Change database connections and site constants to reflect clone Status: Completed 03-12-2008
    2. Change SQL queries to select from clone entries Status: Not started
    3. Modify HTML/PHP to allow for more "templating" and more database control over content Status: Not started


A log of changes to the live site. Oldest changes are listed first.