Easy Poll - Manual

Copyright Notice
This script is a freeware. You may distribute it by any way BUT you may not modify it!

Upload all files to your server.
Set permission of your data directory to 777.
Run setup.php. It installs the table which we will need and creates some files.
Go to the admin area (both username and password are "admin1"), to "configuration" and enter a value to each field.
Now you can create a poll and check if all works fine. The poll may be added to any page by inserting
<script language=javascript src="http://www.yourdomain.com/folder_where_the_script_live/poll.php"></script> to the place where the poll should be viewable.

Each visitor voting in the poll gets a cookie so nobody will be able to vote again in the same poll.

The poll table is based on file template.txt which may be found in the data directory. This is a file with common HTML tags and may be edited in your favorite text editor. If you will edit it, make sure to don't remove special tags which are used to insert variables. These tags look like #%someword%#. Below is a list of those variables which may be used.


The question of the poll


Clickable answers 1-5


Total votes in the poll