Quick Start

Community Chat is a Flash based application and will only fully function if you have Macromedia Flash Player v. 8 or a later version installed on your machine. Chat window consists of 3 main areas: users list, messages area and send a message area.

Users List

Users list displays current room users. You can sort users in ascending or descending alphabetical order or by the time they joined the room by clicking a relevant icon. Male and female chatters have different icons displayed next to their usernames. On a left click on a user name in the list user's menu will appear.

Messages area

Messages area displays chat messages. Each entry contains time, sender name, recipient (for private and personal messages) and message text. On the top of the message area there are 2 buttons: Chat Rooms and History. If you click Chat Rooms button, a rooms list window where you select the room you wish to join will appear. Clicking History button will allow to view chat history that you can copy to the clipboard.

Send a message area

Here you can send a new chat message as well as use some of chat options. To send a message just type it into the message box and click "Send" button or just press enter on your keyboard. To insert smiles from a smiles library into your messages click smiles button and choose the one you wish to add. There are three messaging modes in Community Chat - a message to all users, Personal messages, and Private messages. To send a message to all users, select All Users from "Send To" drop down list. To send a personal message, simply select the user from a Send To drop down list or left-click the user's name in the user list and click Send Personal or click the user's name in messages area. Your message will appear in the messages area with a mark [to username]. To send a private message to a certain user, you can select him from the Send To user drop down list and check Private checkbox on the right, or left-click the user's name in the main user list and click Send Private. This message will be visible only to you and the recipient. If you select a certain user to send him a personal or a private message, you can choose to continue sending your messages to this user only by clicking the lock icon (on the left to "Send to" drop dawn list). If it's locked "Send to" and Private values will remain the same after the message has been sent. To change the color of your username, click the color selector next to the smilies icon and select any color from the palette. The clock icon next to color palette selector allows to hide/show message time that displays in the messages area.

User status

The Community Chat supports Online, Away and Personal Only user modes. If Away mode is selected, an away icon will appear next to your name in the users list to notify other Chatters that you are not available at the moment. If you choose Personal Only mode, you will only see the messages sent to you personally (both personal and private).