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Mail order Brides no longer exist.  Maybe it was true two hundred years ago, but not true today.  Despite this reality, feminists and the media like to label women who meet men from different countries for serious relationships and marriage as  "Mail Order Brides". The term is wrong. Women who seek husbands across the world, are exactly the same as women who seek husbands across the street. If a woman is prepared to seek a good man outside her own country she is a  smart shopper, availing herself of millions of choices. She is definitely not a Mail Order Bride (classic long distance romance personals) (online long distance romance personals)

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from Veronica De La Cruz, a rising starlet and news anchor at CNN.  She asked me to allow her camera crew to visit to interview me about international dating and to share our successful cases with her.  I spent about 30 minutes speaking about the benefits of international dating, how it is a Win - Win for both the man and the woman.  I spoke how long distance romance is not easy, but it provides men and women who don't find their ideal partners near home, the chance to find partners from a whole wide world of eligible singles.

It would have been nice if the 30 minutes I gave her giving facts and figures and details of successful cases ended up as more than a few seconds on air.  And it would of been nice if even one of the many successful couples we introduced to CNN would have been interviewed as well. Unfortunately CNN had already decided to slant their story following the feminist agenda which brands women who seek husbands as victims, as Mail Order Brides, and brands men who seek traditional wifes as predators.

The good bits of the film clip are that you see our simple office, and hear first hand a little bit about my online dating philosphy. You also see a Filipina woman in process of a divorce.  We don't learn why the divorce is happening, but we see a woman who is strong, resiliant, hard working, good humored, and loyal. She keeps her estranged husbands photos on the wall, and says she will take him back if he will love her. Sounds to me like her husband is a fool, and she is a good example of the kind of superb traditional life partner waiting to be found.

I strongly believe using the internet to widen your search beyond the borders of your own country is a Win - Win for both men and women. It gives you the chance to search a wider pool of prospective mates than you could hope to meet otherwise. I traveled around the world (before the Internet) and found the perfect woman for me. I think with luck and patience and using your desktop computer you may find your perfect mate as well.

Fred Wahl
Heart of Asia Romance Network
May 31, 2007

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Mail Order Brides by Veronica De La Cruz

Emails about the CNN feature 

Hello: I seen you on the CNN news report and it was great that you were there to say some nice things about the international dating process, they seem to just want to talk about the bad things, I feel really happy to have seen you both on the report its nice to put a face with the web site I used to find my wife, yes thats right I said I found my future wife on your web site service, Thank You for having this web site, and all you offer, I plan to go to the Phils in the next couple of months and we hope to be married early next year, we only wish it did not take so long for the visa, 6 to 9 months the way I understand the process,,,I will be using the service on your web site to help me file the papers for her visa, there is so much negative things people say about dating in the international area, but you know I say its the same chance you take if you date someone from the USA, you never know whats going to happen, it does not matter were the person is from, it matters whats in their heart, and the way you compared the differance in the people from other country\'s to people from the USA is all true, I also notice that the women from the Phils mostly seem to be very humble and do not feel as if the world lives for them and its hard to find a women from the USA that way.  Wish you all the best...
Henry, USA

That is a shame CNN slanted the interview.  I am so satisfied with your site and my future wife I can not thank you enough.
Gary, USA

Today I discovered your web site because of, interestingly enough, the CNN story. I thought the CNN story was a little bit too biased toward the situations where things do not work out well for the non-American woman marrying an American man. Its too bad that CNN didn't pay any attention to the success stories but intelligent people also realize that CNN needs to make money by using tactics such as hysteria, fear, uncertainty, doubt, and tabloidism (if CNN is unsuccessful in doing so, then people won't watch and they will lose advertising dollars). Anyway, I was happy to have found your site today. I'm an American man never married (almost five years ago) and have met mostly .....

Brandon, USA (classic long distance romance personals) (online long distance romance personals)

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