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Protect your Future.
Avoid Immigration Nightmares

HeartofAsiaOnline.com obeys US Immigration Laws. If you work with us, you too will be in compliance of these immigration laws. But if  you use any other international dating site, whether you know it or not, you are breaking US immigration laws.  If you are just fiddling around, and just looking for talk, then it won't matter. BUT, and this is the big BUT.  If you are SERIOUS, and you find your marriage partner at an illegal website, then this will come to back to haunt you when you want to marry and get a visa to bring her home to the US.

We are the ONLY international online dating service that meets US immigration  requirements. Protect your future fiancee, meet her the legal way, meet her here.  We confirm to USCIS how and when each successful couple legally met and  provide proof that their first meeting fully met ALL requirements of the IMBRA laws.

In 2006 US Congress passed HR3402, the  International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act (IMBRA)  requiring Americans who use an international dating site, to provide certain information, which must be provided to an foreign person whom the American wishes to "Say Hello" to. BEFORE they exchange personal information.

HearofAsiaOnline.com complies FULLY with this Law.  This is especially important to you, because should you find someone you wish to marry, in order to obtain a Fiancee or Spousal Visa, you will be asked if the dating service you used complies  to IMBRA.  If your meeting did not meet the requirements of IMBRA, then approval of your Fiancee or Spousal visa will be in jeopardy.

We FULL comply, and help all of our clients when they petition for their Fiancee or Spouse by providing written confirmation. For more details on Fiancee or Spousal Visa applications.

Recently I got a phone call from a man who was working on his I-129 F,  petitioning for his Fiancee to enter the US on a K-1 Fiancee Visa. He called to inquire what answer he should give to question #19 on his I-129 F.  This is the one that asks  "Did you meet your fiancé(e) or spouse through the services of an international marriage broker?" 

In his case he had met her via an online dating service that connects Latin women with Americans and Australians.  So the quick and simple answer was for him to write down the name and address of the website where they met. The problem though, is the dating service he used did not comply to IMBRA. The service he used is based in Australia, and like most (all) foreign based websites (and many American sites too) that provide international dating, aka "foreign brides" services, it totally ignored IMBRA, the International Marriage Broker Act, and never followed any of the procedures required by IMBRA. 

He is now in a difficult spot. If he lies, stating he met a different way, he is quilty of fraud. If found out, his petition would be denied.

However by admiting he met his fiancee via a non-compliant dating site, then his petition should also be denied, since they met in an illegal manner.

I do not know what he decided to do. I wish him luck.  But this made me think that a lot of American men do not know what  IMBRA means to them, and a little information, to help them understand the law better would be useful. So that is what this page is going to be about, ie:  The International Marriage Broker Act of 2005 (IMBRA) and how it affects YOU.

IMBRA became law in March 2006.  Full text of  the International Marriage Broker Act of 2005 (IMBRA)

Its avowed purpose is to protect foreign women from American predators. Its practical effect is to make it difficult for American men to seek romance overseas, and to put small American internet businesses that service the international dating niche out of business.

It effects YOU as follows:

At the "Say Hello" stage:

It labels as an International Marriage Broker, any for-profit entity whose principal business is to charge fees for providing dating, matrimonial, matchmaking services, or social referrals between U.S. and foreign national clients by providing personal contact information or otherwise facilitating communication between U.S. and foreign national clients. Yes we know that these online dating sites are not real "brokers". No hand was extended asking for a fee in case a marriage resulted from a couple meeting each other. The term "broker" was coined by the drafters of IMBRA specificall because it brings to mind the picture of buying and selling people, even though that is NOT what really happened. This is a good example of propaganda. And of course it causes confusion for any American man completing his I-129F, because he does not remember ever using a broker.

IMBRA requires any for profit, dating service, which primarily facilitates international contacts between Americans and non-Americans, any so called "International Marriage Broker" to perform the following :

A. To conduct a background check at the National Sex Offenders Database, NSOPR.GOV on each American it serves.

B. To ask a list of mandated questions of each American about his marital and criminal background.

C. To request the American to provide court records, police reports, etc for any conviction or arrest, specified in the mandated questions list.

D. To translate (B and C) above to the primary language spoken by the foreign person the American wants to contact.

E.  To present to the foreign person, items (B and C) above translated to her primary language

F. To present to the foreign person, a pamphlet about Domestic Abuse written in her primary language.

G. To ask her to sign a statement, also in her primary language,  stating that she consents to allow the American contact her.

If you are using a dating site,  and it looks like most of its business is to put Americans in touch with Non-Americans, and even if you now by no stretch of imagination that it is a broker for marriage or anything else, still, despite logic, the dating site you used is defined by IMBRA as an International Marriage Broker. This definition does not care if no "brokerage" actually occurs. This definition applies to any company, anywhere in the world.  If you use such a service, then only if the above steps are followed by the service, will your situation be compliant with IMBRA.  Only then will you be able to answer #19 on the I-129F honestly, without fear of IMBRA causing your petition to be denied.

At the Fiancee or Spousal Visa stage

Assuming the person you met over the internet, is physically resident outside of the US, and you decide to bring the relationship to the next level, ie marriage, then it is required to apply to the US government for permission for her to enter the US either as a Fiancee or as your Spouse.  This process of petitioning for a Fiancee (K1) Visa, or Spousal (K3) Visa takes about a year.

IMBRA effects YOU as follows:

H. The initial stage of the visa petition process is to complete form I-129F and submit it to USCIS.  This form has been modified to ask you some of the same questions of B. above specifically about your criminal background and results in dissallowing your petition of a Sponsor who has been convicted by a court of law (civil or criminal) or court marshaled by a military tribunal for any of the specified crimes, even if the records were sealed or otherwise cleared or even if anyone, including a judge, law enforcement officer, or attorney, advised you no longer has a record.

I. Requires you to declare on I-129F the contact information of the dating service (so called International Marriage Broker) where the couple met.

J. Limits an American to a maximum of two Fiancee or Spousal visa petitions in his lifetime.

K. USCIS conducts a criminal background check on the American and if the American failed to fully disclose this information or if the crimes are on the list to make him ineligible, will reject his visa petition.

L. USCIS will forward any positive results of a criminal background check, to the consulate which will perform the interview with the Fiancee and will disclose all information on the background check to her, giving her time to reconsider her willingness to apply for a visa.

Under IMBRA, effective March 7. 2006, HeartofAsiaOnline.com, is mandated to collect from all US Citizens or Residents the following background information, and also conduct an electronic search on the National Sex Offender public registry and state public registry (http://www.nsopr.gov). This information and search result after translation to the Foreign individuals primary language will be made available to any Foreign individual interested in communicating with the US Citizen or Resident.

1.      Background information, signed and certified by the client, describing and attesting to the following personal information:

a.       Any temporary or permanent civil protection order or restraining order issued against the client.

b.      Any Federal, State, or local arrest or conviction of the United States client for homicide, murder, man­slaughter, assault, battery, domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, abusive sexual contact, sexual exploi­tation, incest, child abuse or neglect, torture, traf­ficking, peonage, holding hostage, involuntary ser­vitude, slave trade, kidnapping, abduction, unlawful criminal restraint, false imprisonment, or stalking.

c.       Any Federal, State, or local arrest or conviction of the client for—

         i.      solely, principally, or incidentally engaging in prostitution;

        ii.      a direct or indirect attempt to procure prostitutes or persons for the purpose of prostitu­tion; or

       iii.      receiving, in whole or in part, of the proceeds of prostitution.

d.      Any Federal, State, or local arrest or conviction of the client for offenses related to con­trolled substances or alcohol.

e.       Marital history of the United States client, including whether the client is currently married, whether the client has previously been married and how many times, how previous marriages of the client were terminated and the date of termination, and whether the client has previously sponsored an alien to whom the client was engaged or married.

f.        The ages of any of the client’s children who are under the age of 18.

g.       All States and countries in which the client has resided since the client was 18 years of age.

For more details about IMBRA see International Marriage Brokers - What this means to You
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