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Behind the Scenes : Upgrades  at

Letter from a member: She shares her happiness

Dating Tips: How to describe yourself Part 2. 

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Behind the Scenes :

Changes at

We have just hired a new team of programmers, and they are putting into effect many suggestions to make it easier to use our service.  Long awaited improvements in search and browse features,  more prominence for premium members,  easier and faster registrations.

New Search and Browse

One of the most noticible changes are the new way  pages with mini profiles will display when a search or browse is made.  Now the search results will be more meaningful, and easier to find your match.  The new results will display Premium Members first then, free members, profiles with photos first then those with no photos, recently logged in members first then those who have not been recently active.

Premium Members first
Members with Photos first
Members who recently logged in

Get your profile to the top

Tip: To get the to top of the search results make sure you have a photo
and log into your account regularly. And of course upgrading to a Silver
membership will bring you before all others.

Wonder what others see when they look at your mini profile? Now you can your own mini profile in the search results pages. Especially useful if you do not have your best photo visible.

No longer will you get lost

Now the search results will clearly show you which page number you are at.  And if you click on a profile to see someone better, you can return to the search pages exactly where you left off.  You will not have to do the search over again.

Silver members are identified

If you are a free standard member you can only send emails or chat with Silver members. Now you will be able to quickly tell who they are, with silver borders and flashing Contact Free notices.

We are still working on many other improvements, but these are the most current.

Letter from a member:  

A member shares her happiness

My name is Vicky, I would like to say thank you very much to the people who created Heart-of-Asia and thank you for the opportunity to let me join in your penpal column. Mark saw my profile in the website and he decided to write me a letter. we exchanged letters, communication through email and phone calls. Few months later since our communication inspiring us to see each other. He went to Philippines. we met in person, we spent time together in some beautiful places in Philippines and we became friends with each other. Our friendship full of memories. We fell in love, now married for almost 6 years and have a 4 years old daughter. I would like to extend by saying thank you in behalf of my sister. She was a member of your site, now she is happily married and residing in Las Vegas. I couldn't imagine the website work for us. I am proud to say it does works. It's just not me and my sister had a good luck in finding true love but my friends also joined Heart-of-Asia aslo found their partner in life. Thank you so much and God Bless!! Vicky

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Dating Tips:

How to describe yourself Part 2.
Be Clear

Make sure that you are clear about whether or not you are willing to accept people who do not meet the exact qualities you’ve listed. If you would rather keep your circle small, you will want to be clear by creating “must have” and “will not accept” and other similar categories. For example, if you are allergic to animals or if you can’t stand cigarette smoke, be sure to make that clear in your profile.  If having someone athletic is important to you, make note of it in your profile. Feel free to get as specific as you desire in your preferences section. After all, that’s what this section is all about.

If you are not clear in your description, know that you will most likely get a lot of hits from people who are nice and well-intentioned, but that will not be able to give you some of the key qualities that you are looking for in an online relationship. Those people will probably not understand certain parts of you in a way that a person who is more compatible with your interest would. Keep this kind of list relatively short and list only the things you absolutely cannot live with otherwise you will really limit yourself as to how many people you can choose from.

Keep an Open Mind

Whatever it is that you are looking for from your online dating search, it’s important to make sure your profile description sounds approachable and friendly to all people. Even though you may have listed some very specific criterion for meeting people online, it’s important to keep an open mind to other possibilities. There may be people who approach you that you would not have otherwise noticed, that can contribute something very significant to your life.

Many people, whether dating online or offline, often find that the person they end up loving was not whom they had pictured themselves with. This is because people don’t always know exactly what they’re looking for until they have found it.

Whether it has to do with a physical description or another part of the person, make sure that your description is neutral enough in tone to encourage many different types of people to want to get to know you better. From there, you can make a more informed choice, but don’t set perimeters for yourself that are so close they become a cage.

Allow yourself some room to breathe freely and be approachable to those who may not be everything you thought you wanted. You may end up getting someone who meets something inside of you that you never knew was there.

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