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In this issue:

Advice for Singles :  What to Say in Your First Emails: Part 2

Behind the Scenes :  Questions from our Members

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Behind the Scenes :  Questions from our Members

A. I am not a paid member, does that mean I can't email or chat with anyone?

As a free member you certainly can send emails and chat.  The limitation is that you can email or chat with Silver or Gold members only.  These are the members that have paid, and that means communication with them goes both ways.  They can email or chat to you, and you can email or chat back with them. Since the people who have paid for Silver or Gold memberships have  indicated by paying for membership that they are sincere, and serious.  So these ARE the people you should want to communicate with anyway.

B. When I log in, sometimes I see the page asking me to upgrade. Does that
mean I MUST upgrade?

We hope that those who are serious and who have a credit card, will sometimes upgrade their memberships to Silver or Gold so they can email and chat with other members, and hopefully find their life partner. Every few times a free member logs in, we show him or her the upgrade page. This is just a reminder. And it is easy to ignore and to continue to another page in the website.  If you can't afford it, then no problem, just go to the next page, and  then find any Silver or Gold member you like and contact him or her.

C. My friends profile says she is online, but I know she has left the
site. Why?

When you are done using HeartofAsiaOnline you should "log out". If you do not log out, then our system waits for an hour, and if no more activity,  automatically logs you out. Until you are logged out, either by yourself or automatically, your profile appears like you are still online.  To avoid confusion, and to avoid making members who want to chat with you think you are not  friendly, just Log Out when done.

The "Log Out" link is shown at the top navigation bar on every page.  Whenever you finish using HeartofAsiaOnline.com please click on this Log Out button. That takes you out of the system, and your profile will no longer show that you are online.

D. When I try to chat with someone, it ALWAYS says that member is Off-Line.
What am I doing wrong?

Two things could be happening. 1. The person could really be Off-line having left the website but forgotten to Log Out. See the last question above.  2. Or you are typing text in the chat window TOO SOONAny typing before the other person responds, ALWAYS shows Off-Line.

When a chat request is initiated, a signal is sent to the other persons computer. This usually arrives there within a minute. Then a window opens at their computer.  The person there may need a few minutes to read it and figure out what to do. Then either open the chat connection or reject the request.  Only AFTER the person accepts, should any words be typed.

If you type before the person opens their chat window, you will ALWAYS see "Offline".  So, don't type anything until after you get the notice that the  person is connected to you. Wait for it.  If you don't see it after 10 minutes,  then move on the some one else, this person could be already gone, chatting with someone else, or not paying attention to her computer.

E. I was chatting, then I saw a message "You are out of time" and my chat session ended.  Why?

If you are a Gold member or chatting with one, you can chat for up to 4 hours of chat per day,  and Silver members for 3 hours per day.

3 or 4 hours is a LONG time for chatting. The reason some people "Time out" is that they forget to close their chat window after they finish a chat session, and the timer keeps running. The timer runs as long as your chat window is open at your computer, regardless of whether you are chatting or not.  To avoid "timing out" please close the chat window at the end of any chat session.

Advice for Singles : What to Say in Your First Emails: Part 2

Question Everything

The first emails in an online relationship with a new friend or a potential lover should be written with the purpose of getting to know them. Most people like to be asked about their lives and practicing this conversation technique will not only help take some of the pressure off of you, it will make your online partner feel as though you care about them and are interested in their life.

Making your partner feel important is a great way to help them open up about themselves. That is not to say that every email should be in a Q & A format, but for each piece of information you give about yourself, ask a question about them as well. While most people may not be able to think of what to say or are hesitant to write endlessly about themselves (although some are not!), asking questions will help them find something to say and will facilitate the progression of the relationship. Be careful not to sound pushy or demanding or as though you are trying to probe too deeply, but ask open-ended questions that will provide you with more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. 

Share One or Two Nice Photos

The first few emails in a new relationship are a good opportunity to send additional pictures as well. Your online profile may have a certain allowance for pictures; however, in the midst of getting to know each other initially, you may want to send along a picture or two that reflect your common interests or give additional information about your personality. For example, if you both like to ski, sending a picture of you tumbling down a hill, or winning a ski race would be a good idea. Sending action photos will probably even help move the conversation along and can spurn ideas for other topics.

 Make sure that any pictures you send have as neutral a tone as the emails. For example, avoid sending sexy pictures or ones that convey a message and tone that is counterproductive (unless you have a particular objective in mind). Don’t send too many pictures, just one or two will suffice.

 As you write the initial emails, it’s ok to ask for pictures, as you are both operating under the knowledge that you are both willingly participating in the relationship in order to get to know the other. While they may not think to send you additional pictures, you can feel comfortable asking if they don’t readily offer. They are your new friend, after all, and friends should share.


Fred Wahl



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Fred Wahl

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