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Behind the Scenes :  Photo Quality Has improved 100%

Behind the Scenes :  Photo enlarge feature now available.

Behind the Scenes:  Coming Soon: Improved Chat plus Video

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Behind the Scenes : Photo Quality Has improved 100% 

We conducted the membership survey a few months ago.  One issue
that we heard frequently was that the photo quality was not
as high as members would like. Well, we listened. Now all
recently posted photos, and all future photos will be
published at twice the quality as before. So when you
send us a good quality photo, your profile will display a beautiful,
high quality, clear image.

If your photo looks fuzzy: Send a new one right away.

Take a good look at your profile right away. If your photos look
fuzzy or out of focus, or too small. Send us new ones RIGHT AWAY.
You can log in and upload them directly, or you can send them to
us attached to an email. The better your photos, then the more messages from
other members you will get. We are happy to replace your old
fuzzy photos, with new better ones.

Behind the Scenes :  Enlarge Photo feature now available.

Previously, all photos were cropped to be 180 pixels wide.
This is about 2 inches wide. This looked just fine for a close
up of a members face. When it was a full length pose however
sometimes it was hard to see all details. Now we are able to  keep
photos closer to their original full size.  Now at a members
profile page, below the top photo is a link labeled "Enlarge Photo".
By clicking this link, you will see a larger version of the photo
if it is available.

To see how Enlarge Photo works check out one of these profiles.

38614 from Taiyuan City, China
Enlarge the Photo of  38614 from Taiyuan City, China

58205 from Addis, Ababa Ethiopia
Enlarge the Photo of 58205 from Addis, Ababa Ethiopia

lanie25 from Zamboanga, Philippines
 Enlarge the Photo of lanie25 from Zamboanga, Philippines

Replace your Photos with bigger, better ones right away

Replace your current photos with better quality ones, that can also use the Enlarge Photo feature, please send us replacement photos right away.


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