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Behind the Scenes: Stop planning, start interacting! 


I hope you have enjoyed your holidays and wish you a prosperous and happy New Year. Usually this time of year I think of resolutions to achieve the next year, such as losing a few pounds, scheduling more exercise each week, studying more, etc. For the man who is seeking a life partner and who has been visiting our website, I suggest the following resolution to speed you on the way to your goal.


“I will actively seek my life partner. I know I will never find her just by looking at photos and reading advertisements. Instead, I will take immediate action by contacting 25 gals who attract me. Then by interacting with each by letter, phone, email and visits I will narrow the field to find the right gal for me. If by the end of the year I have not found the right one, then I will use what I learned and carefully select another group of gals and start again, until I reach my goal and find my life partner. “


As a matchmaker with over 15 years experience, I have had many clients who would sit down and go through the photos and profiles of available women, for hours, days, weeks… even months. And at the end of forever, might finally choose just one womans profile (they felt must be perfect) to attempt to contact. In most cases that profile was one he had identified six months earlier, at the start of his long search. But he felt he had to logically review and analyze each and every possible profile first, then reexamine, then reanalyze, on and on. Each time he took no action. Each time he failed to act he allowed other men the chance to contact and introduce themselves to this gal first. Had he acted to contact the gal at the start he would have been months ahead in his relationship with her, instead of starting so late with other men ahead of him already corresponding with her. Frequently the one gal he finally decided to contact had already accepted someone else and resigned from Heart of Asia, by the time he got around to taking action.

A famous American General, George Patton Jr, once said:

"A good plan executed today is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite point in the future”


This applies both in war and finding your life mate.

Instead of taking 6 months to over analyzing, to try to somehow logically arrive at  which individual profile is perfect, then pinning your hopes and efforts on one late potentially disappointing contact, instead put into action a good plan today.


Follow a Good Plan today; do not wait for the impossible Perfect Plan


The profiles the women write and the photos they send are not a full reflection of her entire life, personality, essence and so on. These are just brief glimpses, a flash, subtle indication of who she may be. It is impossible to make a “perfect” choice as there is not enough information available at the website. A “perfect” choice can only come after you learn more about the woman through interaction with her. A Good plan is to accept that you can not analyze and find a “perfect” profile, instead use your instinct and gut feelings to choose twenty five “good” profiles. Introduce yourself to all twenty five.


Only by interacting with the gal will you learn if she is the one for you.


Then you will start to get more information to help you make your “perfect” choice. Some of the gals will tell more about themselves making them more desirable. Some will send you current photos that look much better then the worn snapshot they sent Heart of Asia.  The important point is that you are involved, you are interacting, you are getting your questions answered, and you are getting closer to finding your life mate. You are NOT letting opportunity pass you by, by doing nothing while viewing photos.


How to find 25 “good” Prospects


A. Trust your instincts. As you go through the online catalog, jot down the id number of any gal that gets your attention.  Maybe she wrote something that caught your eye, maybe her face, her smile, or maybe you do not know exactly what it was that attracted you. Trust your instincts and include her on your prospect list.


B. Give priority to women with higher id numbers. Higher id numbers indicate a woman has more recently joined the club. This means she may not be seriously considering anyone else yet.


C. Choose some prospects from the First Timers Gallery  If a gals photo is in this gallery it means her address has not been sold even once yet. This means you would be the first and probably the only one to contact her. The First Timers Gallery includes many attractive women who because they are not sophisticated, do not know how to present themselves to their advantage on the internet. Often they are beautiful but did not realize how important a good photo is and instead foolishly only sent a plain old snapshot.  By carefully reviewing this gallery you may find the treasure others have over-looked.


I am confident that if you take action this January you will have excellent potential to find your life partner in 2006.


Remember this offer is ONLY good if you order is placed by Midnight, January 31, 2006.

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Fred Wahl

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