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Behind the Scenes :  Safer Online Dating Explained

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Behind the Scenes : Safer Online Dating Explained

If you have ever used Yahoo,, eharmony, or myspace, you probably have had many bad experiences. At these large, unmonitored sites, thousands of scammers lurk, waiting to trick and abuse you.  They are looking for victims. Some collect email addresses to sell to spammers,  some try to fool you into sending money and gifts. There is a whole army of criminals who use and abuse most large dating and community sites. is different. I personally manage With the help of a small team of dedicated workers, all activity at is closely monitored. We have great satisfaction whenever we catch bad guys and ban them from our service before they can do harm.

These are the procedures we follow every day, many times a day to make a safer dating service.

A. First we check emails to see what comments and messages members have sent us.  If an abuse report comes in,  we immediately research the case, and take rapid action and block the abusive member.

B. Then we log in to the website and see a list of all changes which just made to profiles by active members.  We view each and every change to make sure no objectionable content has been added. No sex ads, no attempts to publish inappropriate text are tolerated.

C. Then we review all new photos from members. New photos are never made visible to the public until we have looked at them first. Any objectionable photos are rejected. If very objectionable the member is banned. We crop then to make the person in the photo look more outstanding, then attach the image to their profile and make it visible.

D. Then we look at the new group of people who have just applied. We approve or reject their applications. We first look for those we can immediately screen out, who merit permanent banning.  Applications where the person is seeking sex, has dishonestly answered, acts frivilously, blatently attempts to violate our policies  are immediately rejected.  Huge amounts of scams originate from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Senegal. For your safety, we no longer accept any applications from those countries, we ban them.

E. Now with the remainder, a smaller, but sincere group of new members, we carefully read each profile and decide to accept it or not. In the case of all US clients we also verify the residence address and telephone number.  We check federal criminal registries to confirm that that person is not listed at the US sex offenders directory.  After a  member has passed our review then we accept their membeship and publish their profile.

This procedure is followed a dozen times a day.

This procedure is followed a dozen times a day. Often even in the middle of the night if time permits I will log in and run through the full procedures.

No system, even ours, totally eliminates all cases of fraudsters. But we think we are doing a very good job to minimize this problem.  We work non-stop to prevent these crooks from joining our service in the first place, then continue to be extremely vigilant to catch, ban and remove any offenders.

The results are that our service is much safer than the others. 

Having said that,  so it is still Necessary, that you take responsiblity for your actions when using our service, that you use your own common sense when in developing any new relationship.

You too, can help keep a safer meeting place. If you see suspicious behavior by another member,  report it immediately.

If at any time you would like advice from a seasoned matchmaker and online fraud fighter, to unravel any situation you have encounted, please email me and I will be glad to help.


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Fred Wahl

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