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Dating Tips: How to Write a Great First Email Message to Someone You Just Met Online Part 1

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Behind the Scenes : HeartofAsiaOnline Price Changes

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How to Write a Great First Email Message to Someone You Just Met Online
Part 1

So, the time has come to take your casual online relationship to the next level: email. After all of the searching and time spent sifting through profiles and pictures and blurbs, you’ve finally found someone that you would like to get to know better, or they have found you. From here, the process of communication will open up via email, IM and, hopefully, progress from there into something more meaningful.

You’ve already given and gotten a great first impression of your partner. You’ve already learned that the first impression is what the online profile is for. Both you and your potential love connection have an idea of what the other likes, including hobbies, interests, beliefs, education, etc. That profile and sense of connection is what drew you together in the first place.

Now, as the relationship progresses into the email phase, you will want to write a great first email that will extend that stellar first impression you made to attract your potential love initially. Crafting this first email can feel somewhat daunting - almost as if you have a lot to live up to. You want that first email to be on par with the great online profile you worked so hard to create, but did you set the bar too high for yourself? Can you live up to you?

Writing a great first email to someone you just met isn’t as hard as it seems. It just takes a little bit of strategy.

The Initial Approach

First of all, even though you and your love interest probably know this, mention again where you got their email address from. While they may be the only person you’re interested in communicating with, they may have a number of other options they are considered, so take a minute briefly reintroduce yourself.

Second, mention why you decided that they would be someone you’d want to get to know more. Be careful not to sound condescending or overly flattering, as though you have granted them access into your secret world. Instead, be genuine and mention some of the qualities from their profile that you found the most interesting.

The third part of the initial greeting should include a brief mention of yourself. If there is anything your new relationship should know about your future correspondence, mention it in this initial email. For example, if you have limited access to email, make it known so that they don’t become discouraged or fed up with your lack of response. Assure them that you are interested in getting to know them, but explain (briefly) your situation.

This first email is not a good time to delve into the long hours you spend at the hospital wiping the sweaty brow of your great aunt. Instead, be neutral as to your exact situation – family business, personal obligations, work schedule. There will be plenty of time to get into the specifics down the line if you and your crush are compatible. For now, keep the tone of your first email light, friendly and neutrally informative.

Part 2, Continued Next Month

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