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In this issue:

Advice for Singles :  What to Say in Your First Emails: Part 1

Behind the Scenes :  Why is HeartofAsiaOnline.com Safer?

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Behind the Scenes :  How is HeartofAsiaOnline.com Safer?

There are millions of web sites, supposedly providing "free dating services" which accept ALL applications. They never review any application. They can not, because no human moderator is there. These are automated systems to harvest email addresses.  These sites are useless at best, and potentially dangerous at worse.

They do not care if the applicant provides fake, bogus or incomplete information. Their mission is only to sell google advertisements and to collect email addresses to to send spam to or to sell to other spammers.  Due to this lack of standards, this lack of human moderation, these sites are occupied by sex sellers, scammers, cheats and time wasters.  

Here, at HeartofAsiaOnline.com we have a higher standard. Concerned and experienced humans personally review every applicant.  We work endlessly to weed out those who would cheat or waste time. We work endlessly to ensure that the quality of the people one meets here is high and that these are sincere people looking for real relationships. Our mission is to help our members find life partners. Our success is measured by happy couples, not by a google pay check.

When a member passes our examination and is permitted to join, our work does not stop. Each photo each text change is monitored to assure that no rude or inappropriate image or words get through. Automated filters work 24/7 reviewing each piece of email sent between members to watch for scammers and rude people.

All professional scammers either want to broadcast their direct email address or ask for your direct email address AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Automated filters work 24/7 to catch such abuse.  In place is our policy that requires a normal exchange of pleasantries before allowing the exchange of contact information, in essence is to place a "speed bump" in the path of scammers, thus making HeartofAsiaOnline.com less attractive as a hunting ground for these scammers. Scammers always feel time pressure. They know that sooner or later they will be identified as a scammer and banned from our service. That is why they have such urgency to collect a way to reach you outside of HeartofAsiaOnline.  They are urgent to get your money, and they are urgent to ask for your money outside of our system because they know that our system will flag them and ban them.

Advice for Singles : What to Say in Your First Emails: Part 1

Opening up a direct communication line between yourself and a new online friend or lover will open up a whole world of possibilities for the relationship. Meeting people online is a great way to expand your circle of friends and find new relationships with those you may not otherwise get the opportunity to meet. Once you have seen their online profile and they have seen yours, you will both have to agree to begin direct communication via email and from there, you will be responsible for creating the image of who and what they see in you based on what you write.

Let your real personality shine through 

It is important to give your online partner an accurate idea of what kind of person you are so that the relationship can continue on with success. While its always important to be yourself, you will definitely want to put your best foot forward (and not in your mouth) when starting to communicate through the initial emails to your online partner. As such, keep in mind that, although they will have a slight idea of you who are though your online profile, there is much more that they will learn through regular communication.

 Just as you would on a person-to-person date, be on your best behavior. While there are some things you should definitely avoid saying, there are other important elements that you should incorporate into your messages, so paint a picture of yourself the other person will want to see.

 Focus on Today

 Take the first emails on a day-today basis. Focus on what is going on presently and use the first emails to let your partner get to know who you are now and what is currently going on in your life. There will be plenty of time to delve into the past and its issues as well as the future and its potential.

In the beginning of your correspondence, focus on the present and enjoy it. Discuss current events, or what you do at your job. Talk about hobbies, pets and other interests. Keep the conversation focused on things that apply to your life today. If the conversation seems to veer off into the past or future, only allow it to do so within a certain perimeter, such as where you grew up or places you would like to visit someday.

 Look for Similarities

Keep the conversation, especially in the first emails, centered on your life and theirs – drawing similarities between yourselves. Online dating is a great way to get to know someone without the pressure of having to perform, put on a brave face or even get dressed up, so put the extra effort into the art of the conversation.

Being happy with yourself makes you attractive

 It is important to give the implication that you are happy in the here-and-now, in your life as it is now. While it is important to take the conversation further one day and get into the deeper areas of your life, the first emails should reflect the fact that you are essentially still strangers. For some people, talking too much about the future can make them think that, down the line, things may not work out between you because of different paths in life. That is not to say that you can not discuss any hopes and dreams, but be careful to keep the tone neutral and light otherwise you may inadvertently paint a picture of the future that your online partner can’t see themselves in.


Fred Wahl



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Fred Wahl

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