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In this issue:

Behind the Scenes :  Win a Gold Membership at HeartofAsiaOnline.com

Advice for Singles : Ten Secrets to Romantic Emails (Part 2)

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In this issue:

Behind the Scenes :  Win a Gold Membership at HeartofAsiaOnline.com

Advice for Singles : Ten Secrets to Romantic Emails (Part 2)

Behind the Scenes :  Win a Gold Membership

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Win A Free Gold Membership at HeartofAsiaOnline.com

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Advice for Singles : Ten Secrets to Romantic Emails
(Part 2)
Continued from last month

6. Creativity

 If you are writing a romantic email to someone you have strong feelings for, chances are, you’ve already won them over with your stunning wit and intellectual stimulation; however, just because they may think they know what to expect from you, doesn’t mean that the unexpected should be let to gather dust on the shelf of expectations.

 Be creative. Do something or write something completely different in your romantic email that is out of the ordinary. When you’re being creative, nothing is cliché – a poem, a drawing, lyrics to a song or a story you wrote. The romantic email should reflect that creativity that is inside you. While the medium of email does limit how far you can go, to a certain extent, it is possible to inspire admiration in the heart of your loved one with an email that has your “signature” on it.

 7. Be Bold

 Don’t be afraid to say what you really mean. If you have something inside of you that just wants to escape, let it. A romantic email is the perfect platform for a bold statement. Tell them how you feel. Tell them what you want to do – to them, for them, with them. If you are writing to someone who already returns your feelings, let your inhibitions go and write something that will sent a tingle up their spine.

 8. Be Grand

 A grand gesture is always appreciated. Even though you are writing a romantic email and not necessarily showing up on a white steed, write about some of the things you would like to do when you are together. Be grant and expansive. Let your imagination run wild and convey that in your email. Even though you may not be able to whisk your loved one away on a romantic trip to Paris, it’s the thought that counts.

 9. Be Personal

 Emails are, by nature, impersonal things. Writing a romantic email is like trying to make a cake from scratch – you’ll need all of the right ingredients to do it successfully. Sometimes it’s easier to say things in an email rather than saying them face-to-face, so while you are apart, it may be time to say some things you didn’t have the strength to say in the past. Express your feelings in so many words. Let your loved one know exactly what you’re feeling inside. Infuse your email with true romance by writing something that is meant for their eyes only.

 10. Be Sincere

 It’s no secret that honesty is the best policy. The same should apply to the romantic email you write to the one you love. Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep. Instead, surprise them with your true feelings. Sincerity may look like a humble cottage when compared with the castles of a momentary passion, however a cottage is much easier to keep clean. Make sure that your romantic email expresses the truth of your feelings because then you will only be expected to live up to who you are inside and you will bought yourself the freedom to really let it shine when you are finally face-to-face.


Fred Wahl
Matchmaker/ Webmaster


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Fred Wahl

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