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Advice for Singles :  How to Arrange the First Meeting Part 2

Behind the Scenes :  Fiancee Visa Support now offered

Behind the Scenes :  Romance Tours: New Tour Operator Found

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Behind the Scenes :
FianceeVisaServices.com:  Fiancee Visa Support now offered

Every day we answer calls inquiring  How to apply for a Fiancee Visa

Recent US law changes have made the process more complicated. The new law requires an American to prove how and when he met his foreign fiancee, and to demonstrate that the meeting complied with US immigration regulations. At HeartofAsiaOnline.com we are in full compliance with US laws. To support the visa applications of our members, we keep detailed records of all first time meetings between US and non-US members.

When a successful couple apply for a Fiancee or Spousal visa, we provide them  a statement to attach to their visa application which confirms, when they met, how they met, and that the meeting complied with the IMBRA laws. 

But we found that our clients often needed more assistance in order to speedily
navigate the complicated Fiancee Visa process.  To do this we have set up a Fiancee Visa Support Section here at Heart of Asia. Now we provide more then advice. We offer full support to prepare the full set of documents for our clients to quickly and safely petition to bring their Fiancees and Spouses to the US. For more details visit:


Behind the Scenes :
121RomanceTours.com:  Romance Tours: New Tour Operator Found

Most of our members enjoy reviewing online profiles, choosing who they like, contacting them, developing friendships, and romance.

Some prefer to Speed the process.

They prefer to meet in person,  to choose based on the Chemistry they feel when in the same room together.

For the past 10 years we worked closely with PL International, which arranged tours to Cebu. Sadly the managing director recently passed away, and the company has closed. We interviewed many tour operators seeking a reliable replacement to recommend.  We found an excellent tour operator, that arranges over 75 tours per year to a wide selection of countries.

AFA 121Romance Tours, arranges frequent tours to Asia, Latin America, and Russia. Countries served are China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Thailand and Ukraine. Tours are scheduled throughout the year.

Next Tour Dates:

Thailand: Bangkok: July 31 - August 6 / 7 days, 6 nights

Davao July 10 - July 18 / 9 days 8 nights
Cebu July 17 - July 25 / 9 days 8 nights
Davao & Cebu July 10 - July 25 / 16 days 15 nights

China: Shenzhen July 24 - July 30 /   7 days 6 nights

Colombia: Medellin:  July 3 - July 9 / 7 days 6 nights

Peru: Lima: July 10 - July 16 / 7 days 6 nights

Costa Rica: San Jose: Nov 20 - Nov 26 / 7 days 6 nights

Russia: St. Petersburg: Nov 27 - Dec 5 / 9 days, 8 nights

Ukraine: Odessa: Jul 17 - Jul 27 / 11 days 10 nights

For more details visit: 

Advice for Singles : How to Arrange the First Meeting
(Part 2) 

How to Arrange the First Meeting in Person

Neutral Meeting Place

Don’t make arrangements that will assist your partner in finding where you live, such as letting them stay nearby with a friend. While not every online relationship has turned out to be a bad experience, plenty of people have been surprised and even shocked upon a face-to-face meeting with someone who misrepresented themselves.

A coffeehouse, restaurant or other similarly high-traffic area is a good place to suggest a meeting. Avoid solitary locations such as wooded parks, a hotel room or other lonely places. Even though you may not have cause to worry, it’s better to be safe than sorry. When arranging a first meeting with an online friend or romantic relationship, your primary concern needs to be for your own safety.

Full Disclosure

Make sure that you tell someone close to you that you are planning to meet your online crush. Most people will probably put up a protest at first simply out of safety concerns; however, if you make yourself accountable to them, this communication may ease their fears. Give them all the information about who, what, when, where and how long. Ask your confidante to be available on the date of your meeting so that you can touch base with them from time to time through a phone call or text message. They may even want to drive by your meeting place to visually check on you, which is a good thing.

Don’t be afraid to tell someone about what you are doing, even if they don’t necessarily agree with it. Their first concern is going to be for your safety. If possible, you may want to share some of the emails and other information you have exchanged with your online partner to see what kind of impression they get from the relationship. Sometimes having an outside perspective can help make things a bit clearer, especially if you are uncertain that meeting offline if a good idea or not.

Make Plans

It may be nice to sit and chat with the person you are meeting offline; however, if they have traveled a long distance to meet you, you may want to take the time to show them around your area. Giving a tour of your town will not only help take some of the pressure off of you by keeping your guest entertained, but also, you will get to see how they behave in some different situations you will encounter. You will get a better idea of their maturity level, their temperament and their worldly experience.

If possible, plan to travel around on public transportation, rather than using your car and still make sure you are accountable to a friend who is watching out for your safety. A walking tour may also be equally as exciting and safe – but be sure you and your partner are wearing sturdy shoes.


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