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Behind the Scenes : HeartofAsiaOnline on CNN

Dating Tips: Secrets to Successful Online Dating Part 2

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Behind the Scenes : HeartofAsiaOnline on CNN

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from Veronica De La Cruz, who is a rising starlet and news anchor at CNN.  She asked me to allow her camera crew to visit to interview me about international dating and to share our successful cases with her.  I spent about 30 minutes speaking about the benefits of international dating, how it is a Win - Win for both the man and the woman.  I spoke how long distance romance is not easy, but it provides men and women who don't find their ideal partners near home, the chance to find partners from a whole wide world of eligible singles.

It would have been nice if the 30 minutes I gave her giving facts and figures and details of successful cases ended up as more than a few seconds on air.  And it would of been nice if even one of the many successful couples we introduced to CNN would have been interviewed as well. Unfortunately CNN had already decided to slant their story following the feminist agenda which brands women who seek husbands as victims, and brands men who seek traditional wifes as predators.

The good bits of the film clip are that you see our simple office, and hear first hand a little bit about my online dating philosphy. You also see a Filipina woman in process of a divorce.  We don't learn why the divorce is happening, but we see a woman who is strong, resiliant, hard working, good humored, and loyal. She keeps her estranged husbands photos on the wall, and says she will take him back if he will love her. Sounds to me like her husband is a fool, and she is a good example of the kind of superb traditional life partner waiting to be found.

I strongly believe using the internet to widen your search beyond the borders of your own country is a Win - Win for both men and women. It gives you the chance to search a wider pool of prospective mates than you could hope to meet otherwise. I traveled around the world (before the Internet) and found the perfect woman for me. I think with luck and patience and using your desktop computer you may find your perfect mate as well.

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Dating Tips: Secrets to Successful Online Dating Part 2

Keep Your Perspective

 Although most dating sights will promise or guarantee that you will find an everlasting soul mate by using their services, the odds are actually against this happening. There have been definite soul mate connections made through online dating services, but these are the exception rather than the rule. Part of having a great experience with online dating is to keep all of this in perspective.

 It’s okay to go into an online dating experience with the intent to look for a relationship that will last; however, if it doesn’t happen right away, don’t lose hope. Remember that good things come to those who wait. Don’t put a time cap on how long you will allow the process to take. Be open-minded about the experience and focus on building friendships at first, before pushing for more.

 Just as you would probably not jump into bed with a complete stranger, don’t jump head-on into an online relationship with one either. Take your time and don’t make yourself crazy by looking around every corner to see what will happen next. Enjoy each experience as it comes and for what it is. If your online relationship does develop into something more meaningful, it will probably take some time, just as an offline relationship would. In the meantime, if your lifestyle allows, try to keep up with dating in the offline world as well, so that your skills don’t get rusty.

 Keep Your Life

 It’s easy to get absorbed into the online world. In fact, many people seem to forget that they ever lived anywhere else. For your ocular health as well as your emotional well-being, don’t forget to be the person you were before you started this new, online lifestyle.

 Online dating can be serious; however, so is real life. Give yourself a certain amount of time to spend online with your partners and then make a break for it. Use the phone. Use the treadmill. Use the shower. Make sure that you have a life to live away from the computer. While you’re online friendships are real, how good of a friend can you be if you have little else to offer but a glazed over look and carpel tunnel syndrome?

It’s important for you mental and physical health to have real, offline friendships and meaningful, daily interactions with actual people you can experience with your five senses. Even though it may feel like something of a sacrifice to get up and walk away from the computer for a certain span of time, discipline yourself to do it. When you are happier and healthier and more whole as a person, you have that much more to offer to someone with whom you are building a relationship online. Ultimately, your dating experience should compliment all of the great things you have to offer, not drain them dry.


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