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Behind the Scenes : 

         Audio and Video Chat in time for Christmas

         Winners of Member Survey Announced

         Webmaster starts Blog

Dating Tips: How to present a great Online Profile: Part 2

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Behind the Scenes : Audio and Video Chat in time for Christmas 

I spent today testing the new Chat service which will replace our current Chat system.  I expect it will be much better, faster and more reliable.  The new chat service  will also allow Audio and Video chat. One or two weeks before Christmas we will roll out our Gold memberships. At that time members will be able to actually hear each others voices and see each other live.

Please get your webcam and microphone ready.

A Plantronics DSP 400 digital headset with microphone is perfect for online voice chat .

If you are thinking about what to put in your stocking for Christmas, put a Plantronics DSP 400 digital headset on your list.  I got one last year after hearing Leo Laporte (the tech guy) rave about it. And he was right. It uses a USB port and gives extremely loud and clear sound, both for listening to and speaking through its microphone. It folds up, so you can easily take it with you when traveling.  I tested it with the new Chat service and it worked fine, and I was able to adjust sound quality till my voice sounded great. 

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Behind the Scenes : Webmaster starts blog
: Add your comments Questions

I now have a blog where you can post your questions and comments. Then the answers can be seen by everyone. This is like a running diary of the webmasters day. It will be used to make announcements, answer questions, and make comments on dating and romance. Please come visit. Bookmark our International Dating is not Mail Order Brides, blog and add your comments or questions.

Behind the Scenes :  Winners of Membership Survey Announced

Thanks to all who completed the 2007 Membership Survey. This feedback has given us a lot of great ideas, and has identified many areas that we will improve right away. I will be huddling with the programmers next week, and hope to get all changes implemented well before the Christmas Holidays. I expect improved Instant messaging and chat, Video and Audio messaging, a Video Gallery and improved graphics and photos. Stay tuned.

I read each and every survey and was familiar with the contents of each and each persons name. So to choose the two winners in an impartially, I enlisted the assistance of my 10 year old. I stacked all of the surveys into two piles, one for men and one for women. Then asked my son to close his eyes and stab the each pile with his pen. Thus the winners !!! I hope their luck in this contest carries forward to good luck in finding their perfect matches.  

Elle has won 6 months Silver Membership. 

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cdawg has won 6 months Silver Membership

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What NOT to Say in Your First Emails  (Part 1)

After you have spent the time working on your online descriptions of yourself and of the kind of person you are looking for, be prepared to receive a number of hits that appeal different aspects of your profile. Take some time to familiarize yourself with each person who seems to be of interest to you and narrow down the list to just a few good prospects. After all, once your relationships move into email phase, having too many people to keep up with can get overwhelming. Therefore, it could be helpful to make a primary and secondary list. Use the primary list of interesting profile to begin an email relationship with and save the secondary list for a backup in case the primaries don’t work out.

 Initiating an email relationship usually happens when two people have seen the profile of the other, have decided to pursue the relationship further and begin communicating on their own via emails. Although you have already made your first impression through your online dating profile, it is still important to maintain a certain level social distance from the person you are just starting a relationship with.

 Remember, even if you are trying to be funny or coy in your initial emails, your sentiments can be misunderstood. Emails and online communications are notorious for not being the best facilitators of true meaning, so certain jokes and comments that you intend one way, may be taken in a completely different manner. Until you are able to gain a real sense of confidence in the relationship, there are certain things you should NOT say in your first, introductory emails.

 Too Much, Too Soon

 The very first email communications in an online relationship should be kept very light hearted. The “atmosphere” should be clear of any demands, intentions or plans. Even if the person you are communicating with seems perfect, like everything you’ve ever wished for, keep those thoughts to yourself for a while, possibly a long while.

 Talking about marriage, babies, the “future” or even meeting up someday is too much, too soon for the initial emails in a new relationship. Don’t be impatient with the process. You may find yourself having to hold back your eager anticipation, but if you do, you’ll be better off in the long run when the person you didn’t bowl over with the crazy-talk sticks around for the chat you’ve been waiting for so long to have.



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