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Travel Desk:Ethiopia Changes Telephone Numbers
Behind the Scenes : International Dating: How it works.

Travel Desk: Ethiopia Changes Telephone Numbers

Recently on September 17, 2005, the Ethiopia Telephone Company made a big change to their telephone system. In order to accommodate the need for more telephone numbers in their growing country, telephone numbers in and around Addis Ababa were modified by adding an extra digit, changing these numbers from 6 digits to 7 digits. Click here to see how the telephone number you are calling may have been affected.

Behind the Scenes: International Dating: How it works.

Everyday I receive a least one phone call asking, "How does it all work". In the past 10 years since Heart of Asia has opened its doors, there have been an estimated 4,000 marriages by couples that originally met using our service. The most of these successful cases generally followed the pattern described below..

Just like a traditional penpal club.
Heart of Asia is designed along the lines of a traditional international penpal club. Penpal clubs have existed for centuries. They operate with a simple premise. You contact the club, pay a fee and the club sends you addresses of pen pals living in foreign countries to correspond with. You write to the pen pals, make friends and learn about foreign lands.

Heart of Asia works the same way, except that only the addresses of women who are single, and free to marry are offered. These women join the club and publish their photos and advertisements, free of charge. The majority seek correspondence leading to friendship, then romance and finally to marriage. You view the online catalog, choose whomever you wish to contact, then after paying a small fee receive the mailing addresses of the women you chose.

Men chase and women choose

If you want to get good results you should start by introducing yourself to at least two dozen women. We have no control over the women. They do what they want. If they like your letter they will reply. If they are not attracted by what they read, they will probably ignore the letter. If you do a reasonable job in selecting a few dozen women who may find you and your situation attractive, write a nice friendly letter, and enclose a snapshot, you should get a 50% or better response. (Of course, actual results will vary).

If any letters come back marked "return to sender", report this to Heart of Asia by sending us the envelope. You will get two free guarantee replacement addresses for the invalid mailing address. Exact details of the guarantee are published at

The more addresses you order the lower the price
To encourage you to get better results by starting with a few dozen ladies to write to, the price list is structured to make it cheaper per address the more addresses you order. For example two dozen addresses cost only $3 each; three dozen addresses cost only $2.50 each. If you insist to choose only two address, it would cost $10 each. See the price list at

After you send out two dozen pleasant letters, assume one half of the gals reply to you. Now with a dozen letters in your mailbox you continue the winnowing process. Maybe after reading the letters, half of the women will no longer be of interest to you. You decline them (gently) then write back to the rest. As time goes by the number of pen pals you seriously correspond with is reduced. When the field is narrowed to only one, two, or three pen pals, it is time to meet in person. Most of the women listed at Heart of Asia do not come from rich families or live in rich countries. The chance that they could afford to visit you, or even can get a tourist visa to do so are extremely small. This means if you realistically wish to meet her in person you will be the one traveling to her country for the meeting.

You go. You meet. You fall in love. You propose.

You met her and now you want to bring her home. How you can accomplish this depends on your country's laws. In the case of a U.S. citizen then you have the choice to either: marry her in her country and later bring her to the U.S. as your wife, or bring her to the U.S. as your Fiancee and marry her later in the U.S. This is not as simple as it should be, for in order to bring either your foreign wife or fiancée to the U.S. you must get permission from the U.S. government first. When this permission is granted she will get a visa stamped in her passport. The process to obtain a spousal visa takes about 12 to 18 months. A fiancée visa takes less time, about 6 to 9 months. Both visas have their pluses and minuses. A spousal visa allows the bride to be married in front of her family and friends, but then an extremely long time must pass before she can set up household with you in your country. A Fiancée visa is much faster, but often parents are reluctant to allow their daughters to leave without being married first. The next Foreign Brides eZine will go into detail on how to obtain a Fiancee Visa.

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