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Behind the Scenes :  Heart of Asia Escapes San Diego Wild Fires

Behind the Scenes :  HeartofAsia Member Survey: Win 6 months Silver

Dating Tips: How to present a great Online Profile: Part 2

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Behind the Scenes : Heart of Asia Escapes San Diego Wild Fires 

Last week was a wild ride for all of us at Heart of Asia.  Normally in San Diego the winds blow inland from the ocean bringing moisture and cool air.  Each  fall, the winds  sometimes change direction and blow from the inland deserts out to the coast. These winds called "Santa Anas" bring dry hot air, and usually blow 20 miles per hour and faster. Last week they blew between 30 and 60 miles an hour. Many fires started from fallen power lines,  carelessness, or arson.  The dry conditions and high winds caused the fires to spread rapidly burning over  200,000 acres of forest and brush, and destroying over 1,000 homes and businesses, causing $400 million dollars damage.  

The winds started early Sunday morning. With such high winds firemen could do little but slow the spread of the fire, and hope that the wind borne embers did not cause fires behind the fireman trapping them between a new fire and the edge of the old fire.  Evacuations of threatened communities started Sunday night. On Monday morning we were ordered out of our homes and offices. Not wanting to leave at all, and if we had to leave, not wanting to leave behind something important, we spent the day loading the cars with computers, files, personal effects, photo albums, water, food, sleeping bags.   Some of our friends outside the evacuation zone offered their homes. Many of our neighbors left for distant hotels, or relatives homes. Some joined the 12,000 refugees waiting in San Diegos Qualcom stadium.

Monday night, all packed but waiting, we visited the bluffs a block away from home. From their we could down the small river valley that led to Rancho Santa Fe. We saw four orange glows where the fires were burning a few miles away. We were down wind from the fire, and now communities further away to the west and south of us were receiving their mandatory evacuation notices. It was time to leave. Fortunately must of our neighbors had left earlier that day, taking 5 or 6 hours to drive what took us only 1 hour that night.  We found a hotel still with rooms available in Los Angeles, and stayed there two nights, glued to the radio and internet for news from home. Finally the winds died down, and the fireman could hold the line at the outer edges of the fire and stop it from advancing further. Once the evacuation order lifted, we returned home.  The fire came as close as 4 miles but no farther. Our neighbors in Carmel Valley, and Del Mar were spared losses. Those in Ramona, Escondido, Rancho Bernardo and Rancho Santa Fe were not so fortunate.  

Behind the Scenes :  HeartofAsia Member Survey: Win 6 months Silver

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How to Present a Great Online Profile Part 2

Avoid starting all of your sentences with the same few phrases, such as, “I am a…”, “I like to…”, “I want to…”, “I have a…” This monotony will discourage even the hardiest of suitors. Don’t inadvertently give the impression that you are boring just because you can’t think of anything else to write.

If you feel a loss for words, use your list. Try starting a sentence with one of your adjectives. Instead of, “I like to hike,” try, “Hiking is my favorite way to exercise.” Instead of, “I’m good at math,” say, “Being good at math has helped me have a successful career as a CPA.” This practice, of using your words in a varied and prominent manner, will not only help you write your “About Me” section in the event of writer’s block, but will keep the section interesting enough to entice reader’s to want to stick around and find out more.

 Another effective way to approach writing the “About Me” section is to think in terms of the past, present and future – not so you can reminisce about your childhood, complain about your miserable boss or layout the next twenty years of your life, but rather, so that you can paint a well-rounded picture of yourself to potential relationship partners. “Painting has been something I have loved to do since I was a child.” “Everyday, when I wake up, I am excited to start a new day.” “Someday I imagine myself taking a trip to Europe.”

 If you want to take one, extra step, leave your readers with a great quote – something that means something to you – from the Bible, from literature or a philosopher, from a movie, from a comedian or a president or celebrity, from a friend. A quote is a great way to sum up your “About Me” section, but don’t start tearing the books off your shelves in search of one if you don’t already have one or can’t find one that you like. The most important part of writing a great “About Me” section is that it be truly about you.

 About Them

 Some sites will have you fill out a questionnaire about what qualities you are looking for in another person. Before you start, read the questions (without looking at the choices of answers) and write down answers in your own words. Then, look at the questionnaire and choose the answer that best fits what you wrote down. This will help you fill out preset forms more accurately as you will not be tempted to choose an answer that isn’t close enough to what you really want.

 The biggest part of writing a great onlilne profile is knowing yourself. Coincidentally, this may also be the hardest part. Don’t rush to fill in the blanks on the computer until you can do it for yourself. Having a great online dating experience will depend largely on how much you are willing to put into it. If you want to get a lot out of it, you will need to put a lot into it and this may take some time. Allow yourself the time to really delve into the activity, because if the online dating process is worth it to you, it’s worth dong well.



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