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Success Tips: Do not shoot yourself in the foot, know when to Phone
Travel Desk: Find the best deal for Air Tickets
Behind the Scenes : Personal Ads for Men get Results

Success Tips:
Do not shoot yourself in the foot, know when to Phone

When I first moved to California from the East coast, I received a few phone calls at 5: am or earlier from relatives and friends who did not quite figure out what time it was where I lived, and who ending up calling me at an inconvenient time (for me). I would not allow myself to be upset with family or friends for making this kind of mistake.

How would you feel and react if a TOTAL STRANGER, called you in the middle of the night, wanting to chit chat? I know my reaction would be extremely negative. A lot of our clients are so eager to call up the gal whose address they have just gotten that they often Shoot themselves in the foot by carelessly calling at the wrong time. The BEST time to call is after the girl has replied to your letter and tells you when and what number you should call. Then she is excitedly anticipating your call. The worse time is without warning, without permission, in the middle of the night. Not only does this not impress the girl, but it generally angers her parents that got woken up and probably answered the phone. On more then one occasion we have received resignations from women whose memberships were only a week old, because they were so upset from the calls they received.

For the Best Results for your phone call.

A. Prepare the way first. Write her, tell you would like to hear her voice, ask her the best time and number to call. If she replies positively, then You are IN.

B. Before you dial, check what time it is where she lives. The easiest way is to go online and check out a world time website. I use as it is easy to understand. More complicated but fun are and

I use a prepaid Pin City Italk account for all my Business and Long Distance calls. I speak for an hour to Hong Kong for only $1.80. For details Click Here.

Travel Desk:
Find the best deal for Air Tickets

After you have been communicating with an overseas gal and the relationship is getting serious, the next step is to meet her in person. If the gal comes from a rich family, or from a rich country (Japan for instance) then she may have the wherewithal to fly to meet you. In the vast majority of cases however, you will have to fly over to meet her.

Airline ticket prices change constantly, so each time you travel it is worthwhile to shop for the best deal. I follow the three steps shown below which usually give me a good deal..

Step 1. Go to the internet and visit the big travel booking sites such as Orbitz, Hotwire, or Cheap Tickets. They have very easy to use tools that will quickly show you a list of flights and prices. Experiment by varying your departure DAY. Often Friday and Saturday departures are more expensive then the rest of the week. Experiment by varying your departure DATE. Airlines have peak and low seasons, so the difference of a day may save you a lot. Finally if there are big cities nearby check out the rates for departure from that city. I live in San Diego, and usually save $100 or more per ticket by starting my travel from Los Angeles. Write down the airline, flight number and price for the best deals you found.

Step 2. Buy the Sunday Paper and look at the ads in the Travel Section. If you live near a big city get that paper also. Often you will find travel agents that are offering good deals to where you want to go. Call them up and get the details for the best deals you find.

The Airlines Reservations Operator may offer the best deal

Step 3. Now that you have a short list of Airlines and flights and their prices, call up the reservations line of the Airline directly, tell them what you found, then ask them if they have a BETTER price for the flights and dates you are looking at. I have done this many times and usually get a better price even then those advertised at the same airlines website. Sometimes it may even pay to telephone more than once, as sometimes different operators are more creative in helping you to find a good deal. In these cases if you find the best deal book it right away, because if you have to call again and talk to someone else you may not be able to get the same deal. A good source of Airline toll free reservation numbers is your local Yellow Pages, or online at or

Behind the Scenes
Personal Ads for Men get Results

As our service is on the internet and uses a lot of modern technology, you may believe we think like rocket scientists and will not do anything unless it is invented today or tomorrow. Well, that is not entirely true. We do use the best available technology to help you view and search for the gal of your dreams, but our philosophy of how we do business is a very conservative and traditional one. We know that emails are almost instant and totally convenient. But because of how easy it is to get a free email address, and how quickly an email account may fill up with spam and objectionable messages, they also have a tendency to be just as quickly abandoned in favor of a new email. When we review a womans application to join our club we ONLY consider accepting her if she supplies a valid postal mailing address. The Post Office has helped men successfully find their mates for centuries, thus the origin of the term Mail Order Brides We guarantee all postal addresses you get from Heart of Asia to be good. Click here to see guarantee .

Postal addresses are still the most reliable

Despite the popularity of emails and telephones, we believe postal addresses are STILL the only solid piece of contact information that a woman can give us. How can we be sure that a womans postal address is good ? There is only one way, and it is expensive in both time and money. Twice each year we print out, stuff, label and stamp over 6,000 pieces of airmail and send one to each of our active members.

What we mail these gals is a nice printed newsletter called For Ladies Only. Just like you visit our website to see the new womens advertisements, women members also look forward to receive the For Ladies Only to see photos and advertisements from men.

Click Here for details on how you can receive an avalanche of letters.

For Ladies Only is mailed to the entire women active at Heart of Asia, about 6,000.. Women are very helpful in sharing with each other information on how to find a good man, so they generally will show and share For Ladies Only with their friends. We estimate that each issue is seen by over 18,000 women.

Men that advertise usually get many hundreds of letters from gals who have seen his photo and like what they see. For Ladies Only is sent out only twice a year. The deadline for the next issue is coming up VERY soon on September 10.

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Fred Wahl

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