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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the refund policy?
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the service, contact us via email, within 48 hours of the start of your paid membership and we will provide 100% refund

What does "Safer, Cleaner dating service for sincere singles seeking foreign romance and marriage" mean?.

Foreign Romance: Well for starters HeartofAsiaOnline.com accepts members from all over the world. Unlike other services that restrict members from meeting singles from other countries we make it easy to do so by providing searches by country, and nationality. You are not restricted to searching only based on 50, 100, 12,000 miles from your home like other websites such as Yahoo Personals restrict you to.

Safer: No system, even ours, totally eliminates all cases of fraudsters. But we think we are doing a very good job to minimize this problem.  We work non-stop to prevent these crooks from joining our service in the first place, then continue to be extremely vigilant to catch, ban and remove any offenders.  In compliance with US laws IMBRA, the information provided by each US client is checked against a US government managed data base of sex offenders. US clients who are in this database, or who admit to any criminal activity are banned from membership.

Cleaner: At HeartofasiaOnline.com a human reviews each new application, reviews each photo, and reviews each change or modification of any profile.  We work 24/7 to prevent any abusive, offensive, vulgar, or sexually explicit content from being published. 

Sincere Singles:  While we are not mind readers, we do have 20 plus years of matchmaking experience. So when we read each profile, those that do not match our experience of sincerity for a person who is really serious, we prevent them from joining HeartofAsiaOnline.com   This does not mean that everyone you meet here will be compatible with you and will want to pursue marriage with you, however it does mean that most people here are Seriously looking for a marriage partner.  Applicants looking for casual dating, one night stands, etc, are sent to our competitors.

What are the different membership plans?
There are three levels of membership as follows:

Click Here to see prices and a comparison of the features for the different membership plans

Free Standard HeartofAsiaOnline.com account features:
• It is FREE to send emails to Silver and Gold members
• It is FREE to chat online with Silver and Gold members
• It is FREE to instant video chat online with Gold members
• It is FREE to respond to emails you recieve from Silver and Gold members

Silver HeartofAsiaOnline.com account features:
• Initiate online chat with as many members as you wish
• Non-paying members can chat online with you for free at any time
• Non-paying members can e-mail you for free at any time
• Advanced and Full search capabilities
• Your profile gets second highest search ranking

Gold HeartofAsiaOnline.com account features:
• Initiate online chat and *VIDEO online chat with as many members as you wish
• Non-paying members can chat and *VIDEO chat online with you for free at any time
• Non-paying members can e-mail you for free at any time
• Advanced and Full search capabilities
• Your profile gets HIGHEST search ranking

* As VIDEO online chat is not yet available, we currently can only accept paid members at the Silver level. Once Video is operational, we will then accept Gold members.

What are the prices?
Standard membership is Free of Charge.

Silver Membership $24.99 one Month, $49.99 three months, $74.99 six months, $99.99 12 months.
Gold Membership $29.99 one Month, $59.99 three months, $89.99 six months, $119.99 12 months.

I can not get Online Chat to work.
If you use popup blocker software (i.e., Yahoo & Google Toolbars or Norton Internet Security), please enable popups for heartofasiaonline.com

Online Chat uses small browser windows that are called Pop-Ups. These
open to tell you when someone wants to Chat with you and for you to send
them your messages.  You should make sure that your browsers settings are
set to allow popups from heartofasiaonline.com in order for Online Chat to work.

   Internet Explorer
Click on Internet Options, then Privacy. If "Block Pop-ups" is ticked, click "Settings".
Then type heartofasiaonline.com in the field labled "Address of web site to allow:" Then Click "Add". Then "Close", and "OK".

Or Click on Tools, then Pop-up Blocker, then Pop-up Blocker Settings. Then type heartofasiaonline.com in the field labled "Address of web site to allow:" Then Click "Add". Then "Close".

Click on Tools, Options, then Web Features. If "Block Popup Windows" is ticked, click "Allowed Sites".
Then type heartofasiaonline.com in the field labled "Address of web site". 
Then Click "Allow". Then "OK", and "OK".

I am using a Mac and Online Chat does not work?
Mac OS firewalls are interferring with our Online Chat. We are working on a fix to advise Mac users how to adjust their firewalls. 

It will not accept my password.
Click on the link Forgot Password and your password will be emailed to you.

My email address has changed.
Log in using your password and either your old email address, or screenname in the user field. Then from your member home page under Membership click on "Change Password/Screen Name or Email"

When I search in my country I dont get any results.
Check your profile to make sure you typed your country information correctly. Log in. Then from your member home page under My Profile click on "Update Who I am" . And update your country

I cannot access instant messaging or send emails.
These privileges are only available if at least you, OR the person you want to contact are Silver or Gold member.

Who can I contact?
If you are a paid member, Silver or Gold, you can contact  all other members using Chat, Email or Say Hi.
If you are a free Standard member, you can contact all other members using "Say Hi", or any Silver or Gold member using "Say Hi", Email or Chat.

I can not upload my photos.
The most common problem is that the photo you try to upload is too large, or too small. The accepted range for photos for uploading is between 800 pixels wide, and  600 pixels tall. If your photo is larger than that, and you are unable to reduce it under  800x600 before uploading to our website, then instead just attach your photo to an email and email it to us at info@heartofasiaonline.com.

Photos Too Large
Often users try to upload photos directly from their digital camera, and these image sizes can be extremely large compared to what is practical to display on the internet.  If you see the message  "The photo you attempted to upload is too large." this means you have tried to upload a photograph which is over
800x600 pixels in dimension.  Adjust the settings in your digital camera to save a photo that is smaller than
800x600 (that is still plenty big) then transfer your new photo to your PC, and from there upload it to our website. If you still have a problem uploading directly to our website, then attach your photo to an email and email it to us at info@heartofasiaonline.com.

Or you can reduce the size of the photograph yourself. What needs to be done is to crop the photo to a reasonable size. First of all only YOU are important. The background behind you is not, so use a cropping tool to remove the background and only leave yourself in the photo. This usually takes care of the majority of cases where the photo is too large for uploading.  If you find that the width  is still larger than 800 pixels, or the height is taller than 600 pixels, then use a resize tool, to change the dimensions of your photo under 650.  There is a free graphics software that can do this for you. You may download it free by clicking here Pixia Free Download and Instructions

Photos Too Small
When we display a photo at your profile, we adjust it so that its width will be 180 pixels wide. For best results you should upload a photo that is wider, (up to 600).   If you crop and save a photo that is bigger than 180 wide, it will look just fine when we shrink it down to fit at 180 pixels wide. But, if you upload a photo that is less than 180 pixels wide, or you drastically crop it very small after uploading,  it will always look small and not very attractive.

Choosing your Photo

At HeartofAsiaOnline.com you can publish up to four photos. Before sending them to us, please give thought to selecting good ones, that will help make your profile stand out and be attractive. Now by attractive I do not mean first prize in a beauty contest. I mean photos that will attract interest from members of the opposite sex. Based on 11 years of reviewing members photos, these are my tips to make your profile attractive.

1. Instead of photos where you look the most pretty. Use photos where you look the most Happy. Smiling faces, happy times are extremely attractive to the opposite sex.  Who would you like to share your life with? Someone friendly, or someone grim?

2. The first photo does double duty, it is used as your small thumbnail photo that goes with your mini profile as well as is the first photo seen when your regular profile is opened.  Make sure this is a good quality head shot, and that you smile.

3. The other three photos should show different aspects of you. They should show your liesure activities, and should show different times, and angles, and poses.  One could be a close up, one could be a long shot standing up and so on.  One could be at play, one could be at work, one could be at home. Mix it up.  Four pictures of your nose in a webcam will not find you your dream mate. Four pictures of you in the same pose, in the same clothes will not find you your dream mate.  Let the four pictures tell a story. You have many interests, many facets of your personality, show as many as you can.

4.  Holiday photos with you as a tiny stick figure in front of a beautiful mountain will not work. We want to see you, not the mountain. Use photos where you are clear, in focus and close to the camera.

5. Don't despair if you can't figure out how to upload the photo at our website. I know it can be daunting.  If you have any problems, just email the photos to us. We are happy to  install them for you.

6. Don't wait for the perfect photo.  Send the best that you have today. Today. Today !.  If you later get a better photo, just log in and delete one you don't like and upload its replacement. You can do this any time.

7. Always strive to make your profile look more interesting and attractive. Your patience and perseverance will be rewarded.

How do I change my password?
Go to the Membership section on your member home page,
click  * Change Password/Email/Screen

How do I change my Screen name?
Go to the Membership section on your member home page,
click  * Change Password/Email/Screen Name"

How do I change my Email?
Go to the Membership section on your member home page,
click  * Change Password/Email/Screen Name"

How do I change my description?

Go to the My Profile section on your member home page,
Click  Update "Who I am"

How do I change the description of Who I want to meet?

Go to the My Profile section on your member home page,
Click  Update "Who I Seek"

I am a US citizen or Resident how do I update my Background Questionaire?

Go to the My Profile section on your member home page,
Click  Update Background

How do I Turn Off my profile?
Go to the Membership section on your member home page,
click  * Switch On/Off Membership

I turned off my profile, and now I want to turn it on again?
Go to the Membership section on your member home page,
click  * Switch On/Off Membership

How do I add or change my photos?

Go to the My Profile section on your member home page,
Click Add Update Photos

The small photo at my Member Home page, and on the small Greeting Cards looks strange.
The small photo at your Member Home page, is what other members will first see when they browse or search the website. So it is very important that it looks clear and in focus.  So that the website will look
consisent, we display these small photos (thumbnails) as an equal sided square.  When you submit and save your "primary photo", the 1st photo, try to crop it so that it zooms in on your face and shoulders, and that all sides are equal, making it a square. If you do this, then your thumbnail photos will display nicely. For best results it should be your head and shoulders only, and should be cropped as a square, with all sides,  top and bottom being equal lengths.

I had a DUI when I was a teenager, you will not let me join. Why is that?
IMBRA was written by feminist zealots and so they made it as broad and wide sweeping as they could possibly imagine. Their purpose is to stop ALL American men from contacting overseas women, there is nothing fair or reasonable in the writing.  We are challenging this law on a number of points, one is "over broad".  I expect our challenge will succeed, however as the zealots are well entrenched it may take a few years.

In the mean time, if we strictly interpret the law (as we feel bound to) we are forced to ask clients the government mandated questions on their background even if it includes minor, teen age offences.
We ask a client to attest to his background. If he attests to any criminal record, then we have to obtain the full details.  These need to be translated. So while we think a person with an old minor infraction on his record should be accepted, and should be given ample opportunities to find romance, we are constrained that it will require too much additional cost to perform and maintain custom translations for such details.  As a company policy we have decided to decline membership to any US client who attests to an arrest or conviction record.

Problem with Selecting multiple States and Countries for the background questionaire.
If you have a PC, use the control key, each time you click on a State or country, This will highlight it and select it..  If you have a Mac, user the Apple Key instead.

Issues with Apple and MacIntosh systems.
When US clients complete the background questionaire during registration, two issues have been reported. A. In case a marriage was terminated, the dates of termination do not appear to match what the client has typed, in practice however the correct dates are saved, so ignore the inconsistency. B. For making multiple selections of States and Countries lived in, use the Apple Key instead of the Control Key. C. When a Mac user initiates an online chat, the macintosh firewall prevents any reply from the reciever to get back to the Mac.  We are researching how to adjust the mac firewall settings. Mac users please send your suggestions to info@heartofasiaonline.com

Can I put my email address, telephone number  or other personal address information on my profile?
Under no circumstances may contact information, such as address, name, email, or telephone number etc. be published at a publicly visible profile at Heart of Asia Online.com. Offenders of this policy are subject to permanent blocking of their accounts and in the case of paid members forfeit any refund for unused membership.

Text in Profiles or Emails are hard to read, because they become one large continuous paragraph.
To insert a break between paragraphs just type <BR><BR> at the end of a line, Then the next line will start after a line break.

Scammers and other Dishonest People
One of the most unpleasant aspects of the internet is that crooks and thieves abound.  There are criminals
in many countries, Nigeria is one of the worse examples, that spend the entire day registering new yahoo email accounts, then registering at online dating sites, pretending to be fake men or women, in order to scam the people they meet out of their money.  The first red flag to indicate  you are talking to a scammer, is that they start the conversation by asking for your private email address and phone number.  Why do they do this? They know that they only have a limited time before it is discovered they are crooks. And immediately once they are discovered they are blocked from Heart of Asia Online.  They feel time pressure to get your information quickly, just like a car thief needs to be quickly on his way.  Once they get your private contact details, they now have unlimited access to hound you for money and harrass you.  Even if they finally give up trying to trick you, they can still profit by selling your contact information to other scammers.

The easiest way to help protect yourself from potential criminals is to insist to restrict communications during the first few weeks to using the basic safety features that Heart of Asia Online offers, namely anonymous email and chat.  Send emails back and forth, get to know each other.  See if this is a sincere relationship.  You can always find a more direct route later, and any sincere partner understands the benefit  in going slowly.  If  the scammer shows his true nature you can easily "Block" his messages from your control panel, and of course report him by the Report a Rat program.

Win a Bounty, Report a Rat
Win 7 days Silver Membership Free by Reporting a Rat
It especially annoys us when scammers and other dishonest and
nasty people abuse our service, and try to  trick you.  If any member you are communicating with does the following, use the Report Abuse link on the persons profile page to tell us what he is doing.

Be the first to report a verifiable instance of any one of the following:
1:  Email address, telephone or other contact information visible
2:  Rude or Sexually Explicit behavior
3:  Scammer asking for money

If you are the first to notify us, you get 1 week free Silver members priviledges.

How can I turn off my membership?
Log in to your member home page and under "Membership" at the far right,
tick on "Switch on Switch off" membership link.  This will take your profile off line. It will no
longer be visible.  If later you wish to use your account, just log in and change from "Switch Off to Switch On", at that time your profile will become active again.

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